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Technical Tips

We Use Continous Incision On The Posteromedial Aspect Of Thigh Keeping Four Finger Distancee Between Postero Lateral Incision.Mobolize The Tendon Freely Up To Its Adequate Lenghth And Reroot The Tendon In The Direct Line Between Its Origin And New Insertion.
Instead Of Cutting Periosteum In An “I” Shaped Manner We Raise Thick Periosteal Flap From Patella And Both The Tendon Passed Through It So That We Could Give As Much Tension As Necessary For That Perticular Case And Strenghthen The Peristeal Flap With Remaining Portion Of Semitendinosus Tendon.So There Is No Fear Of Breckage Of Thick Flap.
By This New Insertion Of Tendon Patella Would Act As Fulcrum During Extension Of Knee By Producing Bow String Effect
In Some Cases Medial Hamstring Was So Powerful, It Was Fixed With Quadriceps , It Noe Only Act As A Checkrein But Also Help In Getting Powerful Extension.
To Much Tension Of Anchoring Tendon Over Patella Should Be Avoided Which Otherwise Can Lead To Restriction Of Knee Flexion
By Osteo Periosteal Flap We Are Providing New Insertion In Bony Tissue Of The Flap, Tendon Which Unites With Patella.